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List of attacks for 2005

2005.12.31IndiaPulwama11The Mujahideen invade a home and open fire on the residents, killing the father and injuring another family member.
2005.12.30IndiaPoonch11The Mujahideen kill a police officer in a shooting ambush on a city street.
2005.12.28IndiaBangalore14Lashkar-e-Taiba suspected in a campus attack on a university professor and four others.
2005.12.26IndiaHiynan10The body of a civilian that had been abducted by Islamists is recovered.
2005.12.22IndiaSopore23Al-Mansooran claims responsibility for a grenade attack that kills one person. Elsewhere (Guloora Handwara) a civilian is shot to death.
2005.12.16IndiaKulgam10A woman is shot to death by Islamic militants.
2005.12.16IndiaJamia Mohalla11The Mujahideen open fire on a group of civilians, killing one and injuring another.
2005.12.16IndiaBaramulla20Two civilians die in separate incidents. One is kidnapped and murdered, the other is killed with a grenade.
2005.12.16IndiaMohalla Jamia20The Mujahideen kills two villagers near their home.
2005.12.14IndiaTanta10A student who refused to join the Mujahideen is kidnapped and shot to death.
2005.12.13IndiaKashreyan10The Mujahideen gun down a civilian near his home.
2005.12.11IndiaChandilora10A shopowner is killed in his place of business by Muslim terrorists.
2005.12.08IndiaGandoh10A security guard at a civilian residence is shot and killed at point blank range by a Muslim terrorist.
2005.12.05IndiaNambalhar11A civilian is killed in a Mujahideen attack.
2005.12.02IndiaChuntimulla10The Mujahideen enter the house of a widow and shoot her to death.
2005.12.02IndiaPattan10Islamic militants shoot a teacher to death by the side of the road.
2005.12.02IndiaKaram Katha10A man is kidnapped and murdered by the Mujahideen.
2005.12.01IndiaChalli Dangri20Two boys are killed by a landmine planted by Islamic militants.
2005.11.28IndiaBandipore20Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen terrorists stop a car carrying a local official then execute him and his cousin.
2005.11.25IndiaHandwara10A civilian is gunned down by the Mujahideen.
2005.11.24IndiaSurankote22Muslim militants throw a grenade into a family's house, killing a 3-year-old girl and her sister.
2005.11.23IndiaSrinagar34Three policemen are killed in a Fedayeen grenade and small arms attack on a former cinema used as a security post in a downtown area.
2005.11.23IndiaDoda10A civilian who was injured in a terrorist ambush a few days earlier, succumbs to his injuries.
2005.11.23IndiaAshminder Pulwama10The Mujahideen abduct a man from his home and strangle him.
2005.11.21IndiaSrinagar010Ten people, including eight civilians, are injured in a Mujahideen grenade attack on a city street.
2005.11.21IndiaSopore11A Muslim extremist shoots a man to death in a residential area, then lobs a grenade at another house, injuring a woman.
2005.11.17IndiaLancha20Two cousins are killed inside their home by the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.
2005.11.16IndiaAwantipora23Muslim militants attack a security convoy, killing two and injuring three.
2005.11.16IndiaSrinagar648Lashkar-e-Taiba sets off a car bomb in the heart of a business district, killing at least four people and injuring over forty.
2005.11.15IndiaTangmarg790al-Arifeen claims responsibility for a grenade attack on a political rally. Seven people are killed, including a 12-year-old, and about ninety injured.
2005.11.14IndiaGulbug Ratnipora10A 22-year-old woman is killed inside her home by the Mujahideen.
2005.11.14IndiaSrinagar414Islamic militants attack people in a business district, near hotels. Four people are killed and fourteen others injured.
2005.11.12IndiaRaipora23A 16-year-old is among two people killed in an encounter with the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.
2005.11.11IndiaPulwama10A congressional party activist is murdered by Muslim militants.
2005.11.10IndiaNadihal-Bandipora10A teacher is shot to death by Islamic militants.
2005.11.09IndiaTral10A civilian is gunned down by the Mujahideen in his village.
2005.11.08IndiaLawaypora119The Mujahideen bomb a security patrol, injuring twenty people, one of whom later succumbs to his injuries.
2005.11.08IndiaLarkuti20Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists invade the home of a council member's brother and sister-in-law to shoot both people to death.
2005.11.07IndiaQuil Muqam20Two civilians are killed in a Mujahideen bombing.
2005.11.07IndiaIndergam10The Mujahideen gun down a civilian in an apple orchard.
2005.11.06IndiaKashmir31Terrorists shoot three villagers to death in separate attacks (Chakras, Batapora Sopore, Kulgam)
2005.11.05IndiaRajwar10A villager is gunned down by the Mujahideen.
2005.11.02IndiaSrinagar1018Jaish-e-Mohammed kill a 10-year-old boy, a woman, and at least eight others with a suicide bombing in a residential neighborhood.
2005.11.01IndiaLamad-Bernai11Two civilians are abducted by the Mujahideen. One is strangled. The other is still missing.
2005.10.30IndiaBatpora Harwan10A civilian is abducted and executed by the Mujahideen.
2005.10.30IndiaKanji10The Mujahideen murder a civilian defense volunteer in his village.
2005.10.29IndiaNew Delhi62155Three coordinated blasts that tear through a bus and two markets crowded with people celebrating a Hindu festival bear all the hallmarks of the Religion of Peace. An Islamic group claims responsibility.
2005.10.28IndiaShabga60Six members of a family are hacked to death in an honor killing.
2005.10.27IndiaGanethi20A Mujahideen ambush on a security patrol leaves two dead.
2005.10.26IndiaMundana20Two security personnel are slain in a brutal ambush by Muslim terrorists.
2005.10.26IndiaOmarabad030About thirty people are injured when Hizb-ul-Mujahideen target a bus with an IED.
2005.10.25IndiaSrinagar09Nine people are injured when a Jaish-e-Mohammed cadre lobs a grenade into a street.
2005.10.24IndiaPuchhal10A man is killed inside his home after failing to heed the warning posters at a local mosque.
2005.10.23IndiaSrinagar20Jaish-e-Mohammed members attack and kill two policemen at a market.
2005.10.23IndiaWadwal31Islamic terrorists open fire on a group of security personnel, killing three.
2005.10.21IndiaRatnipora10A political activist is killed inside his residence by the Mujahideen.
2005.10.21IndiaSrinagar114Fourteen people are injured, and one civilian killed, when an Islamic militant hurls a grenade at a crowd outside a hotel.
2005.10.20IndiaDardkoot10A man is abducted from his home by militant Muslims and killed in captivity.
2005.10.20IndiaNalli Dillo10A shepherd is killed by the Mujahideen as he is grazing in the field.
2005.10.19IndiaPampore210Two civilians are killed in a Mujahideen attack that also leaves ten others injured.
2005.10.18IndiaSrinagar43Lashker-e-Toiba terrorists barge into the home of a government minister in a suicide attack that leaves him, a security guard and two civilians dead.
2005.10.15IndiaKathua26Islamic militants attack a group of soldiers as they are performing physical exercises on their base.
2005.10.13IndiaChowkian21An elderly man is killed in his home by the Mujahideen in an attack that also injures his wife. Another civilian is gunned down in Sambora.
2005.10.12IndiaHyderabad11Suicide blast sponsored by Islamic terror groups kills one and injures another.
2005.10.10IndiaRajnagar101In two gruesome attacks, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen members swoop into two residences and slit the throats of ten Hindu family members. Only one child is known to have survived.
2005.10.10IndiaQazigund22A young woman is killed inside her home by Muslim terrorists. The same group also invades a second residence, killing a teenager.
2005.10.07IndiaBriswana10A civilian is killed inside his home by the Mujahideen.
2005.10.07IndiaSapore26A small girl is among two killed by a Mujahideen grenade blast in a terror attack.
2005.10.06IndiaAnantnag20Two people are taken from their homes and murdered by the Mujahideen.
2005.10.06IndiaDooru15Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists detonate a bomb under a bank truck, killing the driver.
2005.10.05IndiaGumeri30Hizb-ul-Mujahideen cadres enter a residence and kill a man along with his 21-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son. Another son had been killed last year.
2005.10.04IndiaBudgam30The Mujahideen kill two counter-insurgents in an attack and also abduct and kill a civilian in Kulgam.
2005.10.03IndiaShopian10Terrorists abduct a civilian and murder him in captivity.
2005.10.02IndiaBhalna10A civilian is murdered by a Harkat-ul-Jehad-i-Islami terrorist.
2005.09.30IndiaSomboora20The Mujahideen invade a home and kill a young girl. Another civilian is killed elsewhere (Kulgam).
2005.09.29IndiaAlal10Islamic militants abduct a civilian and beat him to death.
2005.09.29IndiaSrinagar019Fifteen civilians and four security personnel are injured when a Muslim militant hurls a grenade into a crowd.
2005.09.28IndiaNasu20A civilian is killed in his home by Islamic militants and another (in Thom Gali) is abducted and executed.
2005.09.28IndiaMalad21Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists invade a home and take a family of four hostage during a shoot-out with police. A mother and daughter are killed.
2005.09.27IndiaMendhar10A Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist uses a teenage girl as a human shield in a gun battle. Both are killed.
2005.09.25IndiaKalotra10A government lecturer is shot to death by the Mujahideen.
2005.09.24IndiaGandoh10The mother-in-law of a police officer is killed inside her home by Islamic militants.
2005.09.23IndiaKulgam10Militant Muslims kill a female police officer in her home.
2005.09.22IndiaPathan Mohalla11Two family members are abducted from their home by the Mujahideen. The father is released after his son is executed.
2005.09.20IndiaUdhampur30Three civilians are shot to death after the Mujahideen invade their homes.
2005.09.19IndiaTakiya Sheikhpora10A villager has his throat slit by the Mujahideen.
2005.09.19IndiaDoda20Two civilians are killed in their homes by the Mujahideen.
2005.09.17IndiaSurankote10A civilian is abducted from his village and beheaded by the Mujahideen.
2005.09.15IndiaTipri20The Mujahideen guns down two civilians in cold blood at their village.
2005.09.13IndiaRajouri13The Mujahideen invade a woman's home, take her food, then shoot her to death and seriously injure her three children.
2005.09.12IndiaShopian10A civilian is abducted and murdered by the Mujahideen.
2005.09.10IndiaAwantipora57Vicious ambush on an Indian convoy by Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists leaves five security force personnel dead and seven injured.
2005.09.10IndiaJammu20The Mujahideen shoot a father and son to death.
2005.09.09IndiaDharmari68Six members of three families are massacred by Muslim militants, who level continuous fire into their village. Two women are among the dead.
2005.09.09IndiaUdhampur20Two shepherds are abducted from their field by the Mujahideen and then killed in captivity.
2005.09.09IndiaGandoh10The Mujahideen kill a Hindu as he is grazing his cattle.
2005.09.08IndiaDoda20Two civilians are abducted and killed in separate attacks by the Mujahideen.
2005.09.08IndiaSopore113One civilian is killed and thirteen others injured when Muslim militants toss a grenade into a bus stop.
2005.09.06IndiaKashmir21Two civilians are gunned down by the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen in separate attacks.
2005.09.05IndiaAchar30Three brothers are shot to death by the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.
2005.09.05IndiaKahi10Militant Muslims shoot a young woman to death approximately two months after her husband is killed.
2005.09.05IndiaSangiot10An elderly woman is abducted and beheaded by the Mujahideen.
2005.09.05IndiaBatpora016Sixteen civilians are injured when a Muslim terrorist hurls a grenade into the road.
2005.09.05IndiaPoshana10A civilian is abducted and killed by Islamic militants.
2005.09.04IndiaBijbehara20The Mujahideen shoot a retired schoolteacher to death. Elsewhere (Poshana) another civilian is abducted and killed in captivity.
2005.09.02IndiaSoundhar34Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists attack a group of civilians, killing three and injuring four. The casualties include two women.
2005.08.31IndiaWusan Pattan10A campaign worker is shot to death by the Mujahideen.
2005.08.26IndiaKashmir418Several separate attacks across Kashmir by Muslim terrorists leave four civilians dead and more than a dozen people injured.
2005.08.25IndiaThanna Mandi21A man and his son are shot to death by the Mujahideen, while another family is injured in the attack.
2005.08.24IndiaSrinagar07Seven people are injured when an Islamic militant throws a grenade into the street.
2005.08.22IndiaKoteranka50Hizb-ul-Mujahideen kill three family members inside their home. Two other civilians are abducted and killed in separate incidents in Kashmir.
2005.08.21IndiaSalbala10Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists kidnap and kill a civilian.
2005.08.19IndiaGogaldara10A man is gunned down in cold blood by the Mujahideen.
2005.08.18IndiaKashmir40In four separate attacks, the Mujahideen kill four civilians, including a 75-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy.
2005.08.17IndiaQazigund19An Indian guard is killed, and nine other people are injured by a Mujahideen car bombing in a residential area.
2005.08.13IndiaShajroo59Muslim militants attack a Hindu village in the middle of the night, killing five people in their homes, including three Hindu teenagers, and injuring at least nine others.
2005.08.12IndiaKulhand20The Hizb-ul-Mujahideen attack a village and shoot two teenage boys to death.
2005.08.11IndiaKawani10An employee of an irrigation works project is abducted and killed by the Mujahideen.
2005.08.10IndiaBandipore10The Mujahideen abduct and later kill a police officer.
2005.08.09IndiaThanna Mandi10A shepherd is beaten to death by the Mujahideen.
2005.08.08IndiaBatalik30Three young girls are killed by a Mujahideen bomb.
2005.08.08IndiaAwantipora20Two civilians are killed in a bomb blast outside a shop.
2005.08.07IndiaThatharaka11The Mujahideen invade two residences, killing one civilian and severely injuring another.
2005.08.06IndiaDoda14The Mujahideen throw a grenade at a hostel, killing a pregnant woman.
2005.08.02IndiaNandyali10A woman is shot to death by the Mujahideen inside her home.
2005.08.02IndiaPulwama10The Mujahideen kill a man who is working his paddy fields.
2005.07.31IndiaBadarkot10A civilian is shot to death inside his own home by militant Muslims.
2005.07.30IndiaSrinagar225The Mujahideen stage an attack on a hotel that claims the lives of two security personnel and injures about twenty-five others.
2005.07.29IndiaDoda20Islamists kill two policemen in an ambush.
2005.07.29IndiaRajouri60Muslims line up five Hindu villagers and then slit their throats. Elsewhere in the same district, they murder a woman with an axe.
2005.07.29IndiaKupwara20The Mujahideen invade a home to kill the wife of a police officer, along with his young nephew.
2005.07.28IndiaSokar30A 5-year-old girl, her mother and grandmother are slaughtered in a home invasion by the Mujahideen.
2005.07.26IndiaMahore10Hizb-ul-Mujahideen members invade a home and murder a civilian.
2005.07.21IndiaSopore22Two civilians are killed when the Mujahideen attack a security camp.
2005.07.21IndiaAnantnag12Militant Muslims fire on a bus stop, killing a civilian and injuring two others.
2005.07.20IndiaSrinagar617Hizbul Mujahideen suicide bomber targets a missionary children's school in the Indian capital, killing at least six and injuring more than a dozen.
2005.07.19IndiaChitabas60The Hizbul Mujahideen enter a residence and slaughter six members of a family, in a heinous attack.
2005.07.18IndiaArwani11The Mujahideen shoot a man to death outside his shop.
2005.07.16IndiaBaramulla20The Mujahideen shoot a man to death outside his home, and also stage a separate attack that kills a 6-year-old girl.
2005.07.13IndiaBigambri10The Mujahideen abduct a civilian, then kill him in captivity.
2005.07.08IndiaRajouri40Four Indian soldiers are ambushed and killed by Islamic militants.
2005.07.06IndiaBudgam10The Mujahideen kidnap a student from his classroom and subsequently shoot him to death.
2005.07.05IndiaPulwama21In two separate home invasions, the Mujahideen shoot two people to death and critically injure the wife of one.
2005.07.04IndiaWagbal Karhama10A youth is abducted and hanged by the Mujahideen.
2005.07.04IndiaDadsara10The Mujahideen abduct then shoot a civilian to death.
2005.07.01IndiaKashmir30Three civilians are abducted from their homes and executed by the Mujahideen, including a 65-year-old man.
2005.06.30IndiaMahakund40The Mujahideen kill a 20-year-old girl on the night before her wedding, along with her mother and a neighbor. A civilian is also abducted from his home and killed in the same district.
2005.06.30IndiaKallar Kattal10A man is attacked in his home and beaten to death by militant Muslims.
2005.06.29IndiaSrinagar014Fourteen people are injured when the Mujahideen toss a grenade into a city street.
2005.06.28IndiaBhaderwah40Four security personnel are killed by Muslim militants in a shootout.
2005.06.27IndiaKupwara10The Mujahideen abduct a woman from her home, torture then murder her.
2005.06.26IndiaDachabpore10The Mujahideen abduct a civilian from his home, take him to an orchard and kill him in brutal fashion.
2005.06.25IndiaBehibagh10A female schoolteacher is killed by the Mujahideen.
2005.06.24IndiaSrinagar925Nine people are killed when Islamic militants detonate a powerful car bomb at a popular tourist attraction.
2005.06.22IndiaNadihal20The Mujahideen abduct and kill two civilians by slashing their throats.
2005.06.22IndiaBijbehara017About seventeen people, including two teenage boys are injured when the Mujahideen toss a grenade onto a road.
2005.06.20IndiaWatalar10Two Harkat-ul-Mujahideen terrorists assassinate a local political figure.
2005.06.19IndiaDachan11The Mujahideen fire into a civilian's home, killing his 14-year-old daughter and injuring his wife.
2005.06.16IndiaAwantipora015Fifteen people, including a child and two women are injured by the splinters of a grenade thrown by the Mujahideen on a road.
2005.06.15IndiaChaklas20The Mujahideen assassinate a veterinarian and also set fire to another civilian's house, killing his 8-month-old daughter in the flames.
2005.06.13IndiaPulwama13100At least thirteen people are slaughtered, and over one hundred injured when the Mujahideen set off a truck bomb near a school. Many schoolchildren are among the casualties.
2005.06.07IndiaBahk-e-Hakar10A civilian is abducted from his home and beheaded by the Mujahideen.
2005.06.05IndiaBandipore20The Mujahideen abduct and kill two civilians.
2005.06.02IndiaHarwan41The Mujahideen abduct and later behead four members of two families.
2005.05.29IndiaAnantnag044Forty-four people are injured in twins blasts set by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen. One went off near a post office.
2005.05.23IndiaKashmir33In a series of overnight attacks, the Mujahideen hang a woman and shoot two other innocents to death.
2005.05.20IndiaMogla40The Mujahideen ambush a security patrol from behind bushes, killing four Indian soldiers.
2005.05.17IndiaSrinagar217The Mujahideen attacks a funeral of a man they murdered, killing two additional mourners and injuring seventeen.
2005.05.17IndiaLohardaga43Seven family members, including women are asleep in their home when militant Muslims barge in and slit the throats of four of them while beating the rest.
2005.05.14IndiaKalakote41The Mujahideen murder a father and his three sons as they are returning from their work in a coal mine.
2005.05.14IndiaSrinagar10A businessman is gunned down by Muslim militants.
2005.05.13IndiaSangdan10A government teacher is dragged out of a high school class and shot to death on the sidewalk by the Mujahideen.
2005.05.12IndiaSrinagar246The Mujahideen target a school with grenades, killing two women and injuring about fifty others, including eleven children.
2005.05.11IndiaSrinagar140The Al-Nasreen terrorist group claims responsibility for a powerful car bombing at a busy intersection.
2005.05.09IndiaChakka30The Mujahideen open fire on civilians exiting a mosque, killing three and injuring an unknown number.
2005.05.08IndiaKuligam-Lalpora12A 12-year-old girl is killed by a bomb that also injures her father and sister.
2005.05.05IndiaUdhampur322Mujahideen militants lob a grenade then open fire on a Hindu wedding party, killing two teenage girls (ages 15 and 17) and injuring twenty-two others.
2005.05.03IndiaPulwama014Fourteen people are injured when an Islamic terrorist lobs a grenade into the road near a bus stop.
2005.05.03IndiaPattan50A political figure is assassinated by the Mujahideen, along with three civilians and a police officer.
2005.05.02IndiaHarni14The Mujahideen attack a security patrol, killing one personnel.
2005.04.27IndiaPahalgam10The Mujahideen abduct and murder an Indian school teacher.
2005.04.25IndiaKhurhama10A political activist is kidnapped by the Mujahideen and then shot to death.
2005.04.22IndiaBaramulla20Two youths are killed in separate attacks by the Mujahideen. One has his throat slit.
2005.04.20IndiaSopore210The Mujahideen take out a vegetable vendor and another innocent woman in a grenade attack on a shopping district.
2005.04.12IndiaShopian10The Mujahideen shoot a woman to death in front of her house.
2005.04.10IndiaShopian220Islamic militant hurls a grenade into a group of pedestrians, killing two and injuring twenty.
2005.04.10IndiaSrinagar43The Mujahideen kill four people in four separate shooting attacks across the region and take three policemen hostage.
2005.04.07IndiaSrinagar07Fedayeen suicide attack on the bus terminal housing elderly 'freedom riders' is largely unsuccessful. Two attackers are killed.
2005.04.06IndiaHanjivira07Mujahideen bomb intended for a passenger bus explodes early, injuring seven civilians.
2005.04.05IndiaJammu23Pakistani Fedayeen take Indian border guards by surprise, killing two Hindus and injuring three before fleeing.
2005.03.31IndiaSonabrari30The bodies of three shepherds abducted and executed by the Mujahideen two days earlier are found.
2005.03.31IndiaThanna Mandi55The Mujahideen kidnap and kill two villagers from their home. Elsewhere in Kashmir three other civilians are killed in separate attacks.
2005.03.29IndiaBiwilian10Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists kill a boy who refuses to courier money for them.
2005.03.28IndiaMachan28Muslim terrorists ambush a local security patrol, killing two and injuring eight.
2005.03.27IndiaUdhampur40Mujahideen militants set fire to a civilian's house after killing his mother, wife and infant daughter. They also murder a neighbor.
2005.03.26IndiaSrinagar116Sixteen people are injured and one killed when the Mujahideen lob a grenade near a crowded bus stop.
2005.03.25IndiaManwa-Dangal10Muslim terrorists abduct a civilian then slit his throat a day later.
2005.03.24IndiaBakhipora20Hizb-ul-Mujahideen invade a civilian's home, kidnap his son and nephew then execute them in captivity.
2005.03.23IndiaSrinagar15The Mujahideen kill a civilian and injure several other people with a car bomb in a shopping district.
2005.03.18IndiaBandipore16The Mujahideen kill an 8-year-old boy by tossing a grenade into a school. Six of his classmates sustain critical injuries.
2005.03.17IndiaRajouri324Three people are killed when the Mujahideen hurl a grenade at a restaurant.
2005.03.15IndiaTangmarg20A leader of the terrorist group, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, kills two people in making an escape from jail.
2005.03.15IndiaPoonch07Seven people standing outside a bank are injured when the Mujahideen hurl a grenade at them.
2005.03.14IndiaBaramulla20The Mujahideen ambush a search party, killing at least one person. They also kill a civilian at his home (Gagrot Piri).
2005.02.28IndiaMatribugh20Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists capture, disarm and then execute two Indian soldiers.
2005.02.28IndiaSurankote10The Mujahideen kidnap a 17-year-old boy from his home and then kill him.
2005.02.24IndiaSopore012Militant Islamist hurls a grenade into a crowd of people, injuring at least ten civilians.
2005.02.24IndiaSrinagar52The Mujahideen kill five people and injure at least two others in a suicide assault on a government building in the region's capital.
2005.02.16IndiaKishtwar27Mujahideen toss a grenade into a bus stop, killing one and injuring seven. Elsewhere (Rajouri) they kidnap and kill a 60-year-old man.
2005.02.14IndiaShopian025Twenty-five people are injured when the Mujahideen toss a grenade into a crowded street.
2005.02.04IndiaTaryath12Two people escape after being kidnapped from their village by the Mujahideen, but another is executed.
2005.01.31IndiaAnantnag21The Mujahideen break into a house and kill a woman, then kidnap and hang her student son.
2005.01.31IndiaNathali-Bagwa43Four members of a family, including three children and their mother, are killed when the Mujahideen hurl a grenade into a house after knocking down the door.
2005.01.27IndiaPampore026Two grenades tossed by the Mujahideen at an election office injure twenty-six people, almost all civilians.
2005.01.27IndiaKremshora20The Mujahideen abduct and kill an Indian government employee and his son.
2005.01.24IndiaKulgam26The Mujahideen gun down an orchard worker (Shopian) and toss a grenade into a bus stop.
2005.01.21IndiaAnantnag13The Mujahideen kidnap three civilians and torture two of them, eventually killing one.
2005.01.15IndiaSrinagar20Al-Mansoorian terrorists storm a passport office and kill two government employees.
2005.01.15IndiaSrinagar217Grenade thrown into an election rally by the Mujahideen kills two people and injures seventeen.
2005.01.14IndiaYarbug Panzla10The Mujahideen enter a civilian's house and kill his 20-year-old daughter.
2005.01.07IndiaSrinagar32Fedayeen militants from the al-Mansoorian outfit storm a government building with grenades, leaving at least four dead.
2005.01.05IndiaSrinagar06Four civilians and two Indian police suffer injuries when the Mujahideen hurl a grenade into a city street.

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