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List of terror attacks for 2004

2004.12.30IndiaWaspora21Two citizens are shot dead in their home after the Mujahideen barge in. Another relative is injured.
2004.12.29IndiaKashmir90The Mujahideen shoot nine people to death in separate attacks. One is the leader of the youth wing of a political party.
2004.12.25IndiaPakherpora228Islamic separatists kill two and injure twenty-eight in a grenade attack on a busy street.
2004.12.22IndiaSangam114One person is killed and fourteen others, mostly civilians are injured when Mujahideen militant hurls a grenade into the road.
2004.12.18IndiaShingru20Muslim terrorists shoot and kill a 70-year-old political activist and abduct and kill a youth (Kanir).
2004.12.10IndiaMagani40Heavily-armed Mujahideen ambush on a police patrol and slaughter all four Indian cops.
2004.12.09IndiaShopian25Mujahideen murder two cops in an ambush. Five others are injured.
2004.12.08IndiaAnantnag036Thirty-six people are injured by a grenade thrown by the Mujahideen on a busy street.
2004.12.05IndiaPulwama110Eleven people are blown to bits by the Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist group on a road, while traveling to a security camp.
2004.12.03IndiaSopore55al-Mansoorain terrorists stage a suicide attack on a police camp. At least five officers are killed.
2004.11.29IndiaSrinagar012Mujahideen hurl a grenade into the center of a commercial district, injuring a dozen civilians.
2004.11.26IndiaDoda30Hizb-ul-Mujhadeen kill two Hindu travelers on a road, along with a college student dragged of his house.
2004.11.23IndiaKashmir33Muslim militants stage two attacks against border guards, killing three and injuring three.
2004.11.19IndiaSurankote31Three people are killed when the Mujahideen bomb their vehicle.
2004.11.16IndiaBudgam60Militant Muslims invade a residence and kill six members of a family, including two women.
2004.11.15IndiaPatnazi21Two civilians are gunned down by the Mujahideen while collecting wood in a forest.
2004.11.14IndiaChakarbathi Bala30Three people, including a husband and wife, are burned to death when the Mujahideen set fire to their home.
2004.11.14IndiaNadimarg30Jaish-e-Mohammed militants kill three policemen assigned to protect a minority Indian ethnic group after a horrific massacre last year.
2004.11.13IndiaMalikpora Bandipora22The Mujahideen invade two houses, killing the wife of one occupant. The owner of the other house is kidnapped and then has his throat slit.
2004.11.09IndiaWagora21The Mujahideen stage an attack on the home of a politician. A neighbor and a security guard are killed.
2004.11.06IndiaSrinagar22Mujahideen terrorists throw a grenade at two off-duty soldiers shopping in a retail district, killing them and injuring two civilians.
2004.11.01IndiaShopian021Harkat-ul-Ansar terrorist hurls a grenade into a busy market, injuring over twenty people.
2004.10.30IndiaMahore21Mujahideen assassinate a politician and his 12-year-old son after invading their home. The dead boy's mother is severely injured in the attack.
2004.10.29IndiaKukurgaon23Two Muslim clerics are killed by the other's followers in a religious dispute. Woman and two young girls injured.
2004.10.26IndiaSenabathi11The Mujahideen invade another house and kill two teenagers, including an 18-year-old girl.
2004.10.24IndiaAnantnag11Mujahideen attempt another political assassination at a funeral. A passerby is killed in the mine attack.
2004.10.24IndiaSalbala32Mujahideen terrorists invade a home. They shoot two members of a family to death and kidnap another member, whom they later behead.
2004.10.22IndiaAnantnag11The Mujahideen assassinate a prominent moderate politician and critically injure his bodyguard.
2004.10.17IndiaMohammadpora15The Mujahideen kill a 22-year-old man and badly injure five members of his family who were trying to prevent his murder.
2004.10.17IndiaMandli114An Islamic terrorist lobs a grenade at a village defense committee trying to guard a bus station.
2004.10.13IndiaPoonch12A 23-year-old is killed by the Mujahideen. Elsewhere in the district a mother and her son are abducted. Their fate is unknown.
2004.10.09IndiaPattan545Jaish-e-Mohammad militants use a suicide car bombing against a mini-bus, killing five and injuring some forty-five civilians and soldiers.
2004.10.03IndiaBaramulla13Grenade attack injures three civilians and one policeman. A civilian later dies of injuries (10/6/04)
2004.09.29IndiaAnantnag20Muslim militants shoot a government official and bodyguard to death as they are waiting at a traffic light.
2004.09.25IndiaAnantnag15Victim of the 9/22 grenade attack - a man waiting for a bus - succumbs to his injuries.
2004.09.13IndiaKalmund-Bachana30Lashker-e-Toiba members, invade a house, torture three family members with sharp instruments, then shoot them to death.
2004.09.11IndiaKupwara120Mujahideen militants toss a grenade into a crowded marketplace, killing one civilian and injuring twenty others.
2004.09.11IndiaSrinagar37Suicide attack on a heavily-guarded tourist hotel leaves three security personnel dead and seven others injured.
2004.09.09IndiaFutlipora10Suspected Harkat-ul-Jehadi-e-Islami members abduct a 52-year-old man from his orchard, then march him to the top of a nearby hill where he is executed.
2004.09.02IndiaBarhi Draman13Mujahideen kill a young boy and injure three members of his family for their refusal to send the boy to a terrorist training camp.
2004.08.31IndiaPulwama126Muslim militant hurls a grenade into a road, killing a school teacher and injuring twenty-six other people.
2004.08.24IndiaSafarwaw Gund40Four civilians are gunned down by the Mujahideen, two at a picnic spot and two others in Pulwama, after abducting them from their homes.
2004.08.24IndiaKara20In a heinous attack, a Muslim "freedom fighter" hurls a grenade at two children in a remote village, killing the 3-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother.
2004.08.18IndiaUdhampur40Islamic separatists invade a family's home and then massacre the father, his daughter and two sons.
2004.08.18IndiaRajouri20Mujahideen militants - led by a Pakistani national - abduct and then cut off the heads of a man and his son.
2004.08.14IndiaGalothi20Mujahideen terrorists shoot a young couple to death as they beg for their lives.
2004.08.12IndiaWatapora Beerwah20Mujahideen abduct and later shoot dead two civilians from a remote village.
2004.08.06IndiaGundana10Suspected Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists invade a woman's home and kill her in cold blood.
2004.08.05IndiaSrinagar98Muslim terrorists attack a police building in the heart of Srinagar, killing eight officers.
2004.07.29IndiaBafliaz21Mujahideen invade a home, kill a mother and father and injure their young child in the process.
2004.07.27IndiaDal Lake52Fedayeen militants kill five Indian security force personnel and injure two in an attack on a resort.
2004.07.27IndiaSatoora20Police recover the body of a woman abducted by Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists. Her husband had also been killed by the same group.
2004.07.26IndiaBaramulla129One citizen is killed, and nearly thirty others injured when militant Muslim throws grenade into the street outside a hospital.
2004.07.25IndiaDaraj31Militant Muslims invade a home and cut off the heads of a 65-year-old man and his two children, one a teenage girl. They attempt to cut the head off his wife, but she survives the attack.
2004.07.20IndiaRajauri50Islamists wipe out five members of a family, after invading their home in the middle of the night. Two women and a 3-year-old boy were among those murdered.
2004.07.20IndiaKoti40Lashkar-e-Taiba militants kill four policemen as they are investigating a previous crime in a remote village.
2004.07.19IndiaKapran650Six people, including two women were killed, and more than fifty others sustained injuries when Muslim terrorists attacked a political rally with grenades.
2004.07.15IndiaMendhar21Islamic militant kills two policeman with a grenade and injures a third.
2004.07.13IndiaBhaderwah31Islamic terrorists kill three construction workers and injure another in a senseless terrorist attack on a road-building project.
2004.07.13IndiaSrinagar212Militant Muslims kill two persons and injure twelve in a street bombing.
2004.07.10IndiaMattan Adda034Thirty-four people are injured when a militant Muslim tosses a grenade onto a crowded road.
2004.07.03IndiaSrinagar266Two citizens are killed, and more than sixty injured by two Islamist planted bombs, hidden handcarts, near a tourist center.
2004.07.02IndiaMughal Maidan515Pakistani-backed Islamic militants bomb a string of police cars, killing at least five and injuring over fifteen.
2004.06.30IndiaPulwama10Islamists kill a schoolteacher with a grenade.
2004.06.26IndiaZainapora20Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists kidnap two Hindus (a railway engineer and his brother) on Wednesday, then slit their throats.
2004.06.25IndiaTiali Kathamara1212Twelve people, including a woman and five children are killed by militant Muslim gunmen who enter a remote village and force the people out of their homes. Ethnic cleansing appears to be the motive.
2004.06.14IndiaRajouri20A father and son are shot to death in their home by Muslim terrorists.
2004.06.13IndiaBaramulla21Islamic militant hurls a grenade at the house of a retired government official, killing the man, his sister and seriously injuring his son.
2004.06.13IndiaHandwara122Twenty-two civilians are injured, four critically by an Islamist who threw a grenade into a busy street. One victim later dies in the hospital (6/14/04).
2004.06.12IndiaPahalgam528Islamist kills five tourists, including two children with a grenade lobbed inside a crowded hotel. Twenty-eight others are injured.
2004.06.10IndiaUdhampur40Militant Muslims shoot four members of a family to death, including two women and a 6-year-old child.
2004.06.05IndiaMawar20Hezb-ul-Mujahedeen gunmen invade a home and kill a 55-year-old woman and her daughter.
2004.06.03IndiaKellar Pahalgam20A political activist is assassinated by militant Muslims. Another civilian his killed in his home in a separate attack (Kishtwar).
2004.05.28IndiaBeerwah30Five Islamic terrorists invade a home and kill an elderly man, a 2-year-old boy, and the boys mother. All are shot to death.
2004.05.27IndiaJammu52In five separate attacks in the J&K, militant Muslims assassinate four civilians and one former SP officer. Two others are abducted and missing.
2004.05.23IndiaSrinagar334Hizb-ul-Mujahideen militants trigger a bomb under a bus carrying security personnel and their families. Thirty-three people, including six women and three children are killed.
2004.05.20IndiaChadoura322Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists kill three, including two children, and injure about two dozen with a bomb planted on a bicycle.
2004.05.09IndiaDoda115Militant Muslim lobs a grenade at a hospital, killing one and injuring fifteen others.
2004.05.05IndiaAnantnag Lok Sabha12Militant Muslim lobs a grenade at a polling booth, killing one and injuring two.
2004.04.28IndiaSrinagar255Two people are killed, and fifty-five others injured in a terrorist explosion at an election rally.
2004.04.25IndiaKulgam346Militant Muslims attempt to assassinate a female political figure in a grenade attack. Three are killed and forty-six injured.
2004.04.24IndiaBazipora20Militant Muslims enter the home of a police officer while he is on duty and behead his wife and 8-year-old daughter.
2004.04.23IndiaSurankote12Militants open fire on a police station, killing one officer and injuring two others.
2004.04.23IndiaSrinagar023Two separate grenade attacks on political offices leave at least twenty-three people injured, mostly civilians.
2004.04.22IndiaSrinagar26Two people are killed and six injured in grenade attacks by Islamists attempting to disrupt the elections.
2004.04.21IndiaUdhampur22One civilian is killed in his home (Doda), another abducted and later shot dead. Muslim militants also cut off the ears of two other people for participating in the elections.
2004.04.20IndiaSrinagar1624Militant Muslims kill at least sixteen, including a female journalist and a taxi driver, in an attempt to disrupt elections. At least two dozen others are injured.
2004.04.14IndiaBanihal222Terrorist hurls grenade at a political rally, killing one and injuring twenty-two. Another soul dies of injuries four days later.
2004.04.08IndiaUri1168Four people are killed immediately (seven others die in hospitals), and sixty-eight injured at a political rally by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2004.04.07IndiaChoornar Forest416Four security force personnel are killed, and sixteen injured when Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists detonate an IED under their vehicles.
2004.04.07IndiaParigam10Muslim terrorists enter a civilian's home and shoot his young daughter to death.
2004.04.05IndiaSrinagar060About sixty people, including women and children are injured when a militant Muslim hurls a grenade into a busy intersection.
2004.04.03IndiaKashmir87Mujahideen militants kill two Indian soldiers and six civilians in separate attacks. Some of the bodies are mutilated.
2004.03.24IndiaRajouri11Militant Muslims kill a 15-year-old girl in an IED attack that also injures her mother.
2004.03.21IndiaTanka34Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists kill two children (ages 4 and 5) in their residence with an IED. Four other family members are injured in the attack. The same group also killed an off-duty policeman elsewhere in the Doda district.
2004.03.20IndiaManasbal240Two soldiers were killed by a remote-controlled bomb. Thirty-eight others, along with two civilians were injured in the terrorist attack.
2004.03.12IndiaPulwama1312Muslim militants hole up inside a girl's school after a gun battle with police. Thirteen people are killed, and at least a dozen wounded in this and incidents in a 24-hour period.
2004.03.09IndiaBudgam335Attempted abduction goes awry with a terrorist killing himself and three others with a grenade. Thirty-five are injured.
2004.03.03IndiaJammu712Lashker-e-Toiba ultras storm a high-security central jail in an effort to free other terrorists. The dead include policemen and civilians.
2004.03.01IndiaPulwama30Militant Muslims kill a civilian and his son in their home. They also return to the scene of an earlier murder and kill the victim's wife.
2004.02.29IndiaSrinagar08Eight civilians are injured when militant Muslims stage grenade attack on a security camp.
2004.02.28IndiaBijbehara013Five security personnel and eight civilians are injured in a grenade attack.
2004.02.27IndiaBeerwah13Militant Muslims fire on a political rally with RPGs. One woman is killed and two other women hurt.
2004.02.23IndiaDadsara14A 10-year old child is killed, and four others critically wounded when an Islamic militant throws a grenade onto a playground.
2004.02.23IndiaGagarsula23One security force personnel is killed, and three injured by a remote-controlled bomb. Elsewhere (Kremshore) a civilian is shot dead outside his shop.
2004.02.17IndiaDada20Muslim terrorists invade a house and shoot a civilian and his son to death.
2004.02.16IndiaBudgam20Muslim rebels kill two villagers.
2004.02.16IndiaHyderpora Chowk30A political activist and two policemen are gunned down by Islamists.
2004.02.05IndiaSalar47Four Indian security forces are killed by a landmine planted by Muslim rebels in Kashmir. Seven others are injured.
2004.02.03IndiaChewdara30Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists invade a home and kill the couple inside, along with another family member.
2004.02.02IndiaSrinagar11A police officer is gunned down outside a mosque.
2004.01.29IndiaHandwara40Muslim gunmen invade a home and shoot to death a resident and a guest. Two women are killed in a similar manner in Pulwama Rajouri.
2004.01.23IndiaKashmir40Militant Muslims kill four people in Baramulla and Bandipora, all suspected of being politically active.
2004.01.16IndiaSrinagar07Hezb-ul-Mujahedeen car bombing injures seven members of a security detail.
2004.01.12IndiaAnantnag114Grenade attack on a demonstration kills a police officer and injures fourteen other people.
2004.01.10IndiaLurgam20Man and his wife killed by Mujahideen terrorists outside their home.
2004.01.09IndiaJammu020At least twenty people are injured when a militant hurls a grenade at two police officers. The blast carries into a local shop.
2004.01.03IndiaJammu415Four people are killed, and more than fifteen injured when militant Muslims attack a railway station with grenades and small-arms fire.
2004.01.01IndiaSrinagar16Islamic rebels detonate a bomb near a site hosting a peace rally. One civilian is killed and six others injured.
2004.01.01IndiaRainawari07A terrorist is killed, and seven civilians sustain injuries when a bomb being carried on a bicycle detonates prematurely.

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