Sunday, 9 September 2012

List of attacks for 2012

2012.08.10IndiaMoominabad10The Islamic Movement of Kashmir murders a retiree outside a mosque.
2012.08.09IndiaBaktoor10Islamic militants kill a border guard during an infiltration attempt.
2012.08.06IndiaSendabal12A youth dies when two groups clash at a mosque over a prayer disagreement.
2012.08.02IndiaKasargod10A Hindu leader is shot to death by Muslim militants.
2012.07.28IndiaAnantnag24Two tourists are killed when Muslim militants toss a hand grenade at a taxi.
2012.07.20IndiaJayapur40Four Hindu youth are hacked to death by a Muslim mob.
2012.07.20IndiaKupwara10Muslim terrorists murder a local soldier.
2012.07.18IndiaKerala12Campus Islamists stab three Hindu students, one of whom bleeds to death.
2012.07.15IndiaKerala10A Hindu activist is attacked and murdered by Muslim radicals.
2012.07.13IndiaBaghpat02Two policemen are beaten by an enraged mob of Muslims after arresting two clerics.
2012.07.09IndiaGaziabad10A Hindu man is the victim of a targeted killing by Muslims.
2012.07.07IndiaPampore11Islamic militants gun down a local security officer.
2012.07.03IndiaPulwama20Muslim terrorists shoot an off-duty policeman and a traffic cop to death at close range.
2012.06.19IndiaHandwara10Islamic terrorists shoot a local soldier to death.
2012.06.15IndiaSrinagar10Suspected Lashker-e-Toiba militants assassinate a local politician.
2012.05.07IndiaKishtwar13A 12-year-old dies from splinter injuries when Muslim terrorists toss a grenade into his family's home.
2012.05.02IndiaTerana10An Indian soldier is shot to death by Islamic militants.
2012.04.24IndiaNadia10The caretaker of a Hindu temple is ambushed and has his throat cut by Muslim criminals.
2012.04.20IndiaSrinagar10The 'Islamic Front' assassinate a cop in broad daylight.
2012.03.30IndiaNutangram01A 65-year-old widow is badly beaten in her own church by Islamic extremists.
2012.03.22IndiaBijbehara223Jihadi car bombers take down two members of a road construction crew.
2012.03.09IndiaNutangram01A young Muslim woman barely survives a severe beating by her parents and a group of Islamic extremists over her interest in Jesus.
2012.02.13IndiaNew Delhi04A woman is among four injured when terrorists detonate a bomb outside the Israeli embassy.
2012.02.09IndiaHawoora10Muslim militants assassinate a local official.
2012.01.24IndiaShubdani Newa10A 47-year-old man is killed by suspected Lashkar-i-Toiba.
2012.01.07IndiaSopore18A civilian is killed during a shooting attack by Islamic terrorists.

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